Poles of Inaccessibility : The phrase originally coined to describe the most difficult point to reach in the Arctic by Vilihjalmur Stefansson in the 1920s it is now used to describe the points on the worlds largest landmasses which are furthest from the coastline. These points by their nature vary hugely across the continents, but are certainly a long way from the coast!  As part of The Poles Project not only will Mike O Shea aim to reach the PIA of the continental landmasses , but also completely cross each of these landmasses.

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The African PIA is not without its serious challenges – it is located close to the meeting point of the borders of the Central African Republic , Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan near the town of Obo.  The point is over 1100 miles from the nearest coast line and crosses some of the most politically turbulent countries in the world.

Leaving Ireland on Friday 23rd March 2018 Mike will head across the UK and straight down through Europe and on into Morocco where the adventure really begins !


An idea of the route Mike will be taking

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