Once again I am on the shout for support for two of my pet projects, the Himalayan Stove Project and the School we helped build in Megre outside Katmandu last year following the Earth Quake.

With both of these projects we deal direct with the principals so there are no administration fees or costs and this year it holds a special place for all of us as all the stoves bought and funds raised for the school will be in honour of two very special ladies who left a lasting impression in so many lives when they lived and my aim is to honour , both Dara Fitzpatrick and Catriona Lucas who were powerhouses within the rescue service and life in general. Offering us all an opportunity to honour these great ladies, friends & Hero’s,by ensuring us the chance to leave a living legacy in their names.
The last 12 months have been devastating for the rescue services with the untimely passing of so many active members while on duty, and while I am honouring the two I was closest with we will remember them all every day we head on to help others.
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