Africa Calling In

Next group are in the air, and arrive tomorrow, so its full steam ahead, keep an ear out for our voice blogs in the coming week.

Some advice for upcoming groups:

1) Train, train and train. This is a difficult trip and the last day is as hard a day as you will ever do in your life and I mean it, So train hard, you will appreciate it.


2) Start wearing a rucksack with between 10 & 15Kg, even walking to the shop, school etc, but start training your back and shoulders for the Mountain. Walk anywhere with weight, its still training.

3) Learn to walk on the mountain at a pace that you don’t need to stop for 60 mins, then take a 5/10 min break, and do another 60 mins.

4) Read about Mantra’s and come up with one for when things get hard, they work believe me, the last group will testify to it.

5) We will issue a revised equipment list after the next trip, to ensure people comply with the weights for the mountain, remember the 15kg includes your sleeping bag and mat and they weigh over 3KG

6) I will give you a separate solution to power on the mountain, Solar panels weren’t great on the last trip. So hang tough and it will be cheap.

7) Buy small toiletries, you don’t need much, Boots pharmacy have a travel range of products, that are more than suitable, remember its all weight and you wont use most of them on the mountain.

8) Use the Comfort temp on the sleeping bag as the temp the other figures are unrealistic, believe me, so if says 0 Comfort, -15 extreme, it in reality means its a O degrees bag and NOT -15

9) Mittens are a must for the summit night, and make sure they are easy to put on, its cold up there, and hard to fit equipment correctly

10) Petzl head torches are the BEST and Duracell batteries or Lithium batteries are a MUST, don’t turn up with anything else, they just don’t work unless they are at least an equivalent quality.

Thats for now folks, thanks to all the Tallaghmanjaro Gang for a great trip, and I am looking forward to meeting the remaining groups as the year progresses, we have the best team on the mountain and I can say that with confidence, and you will
witness it first hand, the food is amazing, nothing is too much trouble and we dance and sing every morning to kick things off.



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